La Vaca Independiente.

La Vaca Independiente® is a social enterprise focused in educational transformation and human development.

La Vaca Independiente promotes the construction of the self through the development of abilities, knowledge, attitudes and ways of behaving by creating spaces where people exercise the capacity to perceive in depth, to think carefully about the things that happen inside and outside them, to share their ideas with confidence, to assess what they are and what they can become, as well as to acknowledge feelings and emotions to self-regulate themselves, and to learn to discern what is best for them.

With human development as a starting point, La Vaca Independiente focus in creating spaces for reflexive dialogue through methodologies that potentialize the individual and collective capacity in four core areas of action; Education, Organizations, Volunteers and Editorial.


To transform learning spaces, to create schools of harmony and inclusion, to read and write with joy.


To support and build capacity of Creative and Learning Communities.


To promote and build capacity of volunteers engaged in Education and Community Development work.


To create literature, methodologies and tools to enrich the learning process.