“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” Mahatma Gandhi

We must ask ourselves, is it time for a new set of behaviors, a new way of being, a new way of leading?
In many corners around the world, the opportunity for leading in new ways is emerging. Social entrepreneurs, businesses, government and civil society organizations are showing glimpses of how to work together in new ways.
Claudia Madrazo’s vision is to cultivate and build conscious communities of transformation where collective capacity is nurtured to co-create desired futures.

We are in a time of deep questioning and change, a time of opportunity and possibility for a new way of being with each other and the earth. The questions we must ponder are global in nature. We have surpassed seven billion people, we are experiencing the direct impacts of climate uncertainty, societal transformation and escalating globalization, and technology has transformed the way we operate, communicate and connect. We are becoming ever more aware of our unhealthy dependence on petroleum and other finite resources and increasingly aware of innovative possibilities never before thought possible.

The Academy for Systemic Change formed to advance capacity for profound, awareness based, systemic change worldwide in critical systems such as Education, Food/Agriculture, Marine Ecosystems, Business and Community Development. The Academy is a global community of senior practitioners and Faculty, including Peter Senge, Darcy Winslow, Roger Saillant, Charles Holmes, Robert Hanig, John Milton, Joseph McIntyre, and Hal Hamilton. The Academy partners with organizations and networks deeply involved in developing living examples that illustrate what is possible in creating social systems that foster biological, social, and economic well being.
The Academy for Systemic Change enables emerging leaders around the world, to catalyze and facilitate societal, environmental and economic well-being on a scale that matters. The Academy convenes social change agents to help lay a foundation of shared learnings to accelerate the growth of healthy social, economic and human systems.

Alianza Kanan Kay: The visión of the Alianza Kanan Kay is to become a worldwide leader in the promotion of abundant fisheries and coastal communities that are both economically solvent and able to sustainably harvest the region’s natural capital.

Alianza Kanan Kay seeks to bring about a new era of responsible fisheries management in order to restore Quintana Roo’s oceanic zones and artisanal fisheries through the facilitation of collaborative processes and the consolidation of collaborative actions that promote the establishment of a network of fish refuges and other complimentary activities.

Baktún is an alliance among public, private and academic institutions that aims to promote and facilitate the strengthening of the cultural and natural heritage of the Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Starting from a research process, Baktun seeks to work through different lines of action, drawn up in a proposed regulatory framework for each purpose from urban- architectural works to the restoration and conservation of both the archaeological, historical and artistic and the cultural landscape. Alliance Baktun aspires to see the Maya with an awareness of their strengthened cultural heritage and jointly responsible for their welfare, where harmony integrates its most genuine expressions and modernity and where the Yucatan Peninsula becomes a bastion consolidated as a cultural and nature reserve, a World Heritage Site.