The Academy for Systemic Change.

The Academy for Systemic Change Change formed to advance capacity for profound, awareness based, systemic change worldwide in critical systems such as Education, Food/Agriculture, Marine Ecosystems, Business and Community Development. The Academy is a global community of senior practitioners and Faculty, including Peter Senge, Darcy Winslow, Roger Saillant, Charles Holmes, Robert Hanig, John Milton, Joseph McIntyre, and Hal Hamilton. The Academy partners with organizations and networks deeply involved in developing living examples that illustrate what is possible in creating social systems that foster biological, social, and economic well being.

The Academy for Systemic Change enables emerging leaders around the world, to catalyze and facilitate societal, environmental and economic well-being on a scale that matters. The Academy convenes social change agents to help lay a foundation of shared learnings to accelerate the growth of healthy social, economic and human systems.